Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Silva Method of Mind Control

During one of the first trips I made back to my hometown of Milwaukee, I was visiting with friends and shared I had taken a class in mind control. I had been wrestling with some emotional issues after moving, and was eager to share my new found abilities. I mentioned “Silva Mind Control”. One of my friends said, “Oh yeah, I see their commercials on TV all the time. They get kids grades in school to go up. You in school honey?” I cringed. She was referring to the “Sylvan” learning program. So began the long journey of misunderstandings that occur each time I try and share this valuable tool I’ve found.

After the move from Milwaukee to Phoenix, I not only had to deal with the adjustment just from the move itself, but I also ended a 16 ½ year relationship. The move was a result from the sale of a business I founded and owned for 15 years. The company that acquired mine turned out to be unscrupulous and it pained me to see the disrespectful way in which they treated my clients – my friends of so many years! I found myself dwelling and ruminating. My mind felt so full. My thoughts began to seem jumbled to me; I craved a good night’s sleep. My mind however, wouldn’t let sleep come to me. I kept hearing in my head that I should “learn to control my mind”. That “tape” playing in my head led me to an Internet search which led me to the office of Joan McGillicuddy and Antonio Estrada of Helping Associates, located in Casa Grande, Arizona; an hour’s drive from my home in Phoenix.

The website for Helping Associates had a list of “clinically proven benefits” from their seminar. That list included:

Increased creativity
Improved health, energy, vitality and sleeping ability
Improved memory
Improved intuition
Improved understanding and application of intuition
Improved self-esteem
Improved self-acceptance
Improved habit control
Improved self-assurance; freedom from guilt
Improved social orientation, greater assertiveness and spontaneity
Improved cooperation with life and others
Improved physical self-image
Improved attitudinal change to enthusiasm
Improved personal integration of emotions and harmony in personal affairs
Improved adherence to social order
Improved family relationships
Improved use of dreams to solve problems

(Helping Associates 2008)

I saw what I was longing for. Improvement! I called the office of Helping Associates and enrolled into the next class which was three weeks away. Those three weeks seemed to drag. The seminar was held over a weekend, and I have gained many benefits as a result. The most important skill that I honed was meditation. I had never meditated before. At last, I was on the road to controlling my mind.

I’ll write more about my personal experiences and what I gained from the seminar, and I’ll break this information up into a series of blogs. First, I must share that this is not the Sylvan Learning program! This is the Silva Method of Mind Control, founded by an amazing man named Jose Silva.

What is the Silva Method?

The Silva Method is a program that awakens and educates individuals to an expanded inner awareness for self power to change; to create a better and better life. The Silva Method was discovered and developed by Jose Silva. His discovery came more than 60 years ago. Through his study, practice and faith, Jose realized that within each of us is another world; the inner world where one’s Higher Self resides. To enter this inner world he has given us the techniques outlined in the Silva Method; the first and most important being the entrance to the Alpha level of consciousness. The Alpha level is the doorway to spiritual guidance, inspiration, intuition and higher consciousness.

The Silva Method is designed to help one learn to use more of the brain and elevate the creative powers of the mind through the use of visualization, imagination, positive thinking and meditation. The method consists of guided exercises that allow learning in a relaxed alpha state where one is empowered with tools and techniques that can be applied to improve essentially every area of life.

With practice, one becomes more in tune with the inner self, enhanced ability to use both brain hemispheres, and the ability to use the higher consciousness to access information for problem solving. Each exercise leads to greater awareness, an increased ability to solve everyday problems, a better perspective of life, and greater success in manifesting one’s desires. By using the foundation of the Silva Method which includes desire, belief, and expectancy, one can achieve personal greatness. The Silva Method can be learned by anyone. In the more than 40 years of existence The Silva Method has been taught to people of all ages, and walks of life.

The Silva Method can potentially change life for the better. It has mine. The tools and techniques in The Silva Method are designed to influence every aspect of life, such as managing stress, improving the quality of thoughts, overcoming bad habits, improving learning ability, managing pain and discomfort, manifesting goals and even enhancing intuition. The Silva Method has become part of me; not a single day goes by without my accessing some component of what I learned in that first seminar.

About Jose Silva

The man behind The Silva Method — is to me a great inspiration and it is important for me to share how he developed one of the most innovative educational programs from his humble beginning. Jose Silva was born in Laredo, TX, on the border of Mexico, on Aug. 11, 1914. He was a self-educated man; never having attended school a day in his life.

Jose Silva’s father died when he was just four years old and when he was six Jose helped support his family. He learned from his brothers and sisters the lessons they were learning in school. Through his perseverance and curiosity in learning, he eventually became a well-respected businessman. His interest in electronics and grew a business which established an electronics training school in his hometown. Jose Silva designed and received patents for several biofeedback instruments, and wrote over a dozen books.

As a teen, Jose Silva was earning a reputation as a successful businessman. From a borrowed correspondence course loaned to him by his barber, he got into radio. That education led to the development of the largest electronics repair business in south Texas.

Married at the age of 30, Jose Silva began to study psychology to find ways to help his children perform better in school. He spent over 20 years studying great minds, researching the human condition, and developing his method. The study of psychology led him to hypnosis, which led him to meditation. As a result of this unexpected turn of events, he began to research metaphysics. Eventually, Silva developed a method that could teach anyone how to develop their own intuition.

In the mid 1960’s Jose Silva’s successful program became known beyond Laredo where he was teaching his method to more than 100 people every week. Soon he was asked to teach groups who were willing to pay him for his knowledge. At the age of 52 Silva began the work that would make him famous.

Jose Silva was many things during his full lifetime. He was deeply devoted to his family, his business, the arts and education. He was fascinated with the mind development and human potential. He spent his entire lifetime developing his creative and intuitive abilities and teaching others to find their own abilities within themselves. The Silva Mind Control Method teaches people how to actually control their own minds for better health, faster learning, greater creativity, and for the development of their psychic ability.

Programs have been spawned from Jose Silva's years of research. Former students such as doctors teach patients how to use visualization and imagination in treating cancer. Professional artists, sculptors, athletes, business executives, scientists and people from all walks of life have benefited from the program. The greatest contribution of the Silva Method is in teaching people how to actually develop and use their intuition to get information and correct problems.

After my first seminar, I have gone back for at least four more, often taking a family member or close friend who expressed interest in learning how to develop their intuitive skills and improve their life. One family member suffered for many years from migraine headaches. The Silva Method has given this member of my family the ability to control her pain without the use of analgesics or other prescribed medications. For me, I have gained the ability to quiet my mind and listen to my inner Self. When strong recall is required I am able to retrieve information that normally would have been lost to me. I used some of the Silva tools while taking a course to prepare for the state of Arizona’s realtor examination. I confidently answered every question and easily passed the test.

The seminars occur over a three or four day period. It is therefore difficult to convey the complete educational component or the experiences one has during the seminar. In my upcoming blogs, I will discuss “programming” of the mind, the process of going into the Alpha state, meditation, ways to use the method for stress and relaxation, a technique to make falling asleep easy, and even a technique that makes waking up without an alarm clock even easier!

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