Thursday, July 10, 2008

Every Child is an Artist. But What About Every Adult?

My partner, Christopher, is an artist and inspires me to explore my own creative side. To be an artist is to be turned in to and turned toward the new, saying "Yes" to life in all its diversity and richness. Healthy children face life with openness and create a world of beauty and delight.

We are still children if we dare to welcome the creative force within us and relate it back to the spontaneity and newness of our childhood. There may be shadows and even darkness to overcome, but if we are brave we can rediscover that childlike energy and freshness.

Picasso went on creating for over ninety years. He kept the child alive in himself for our delight. Even if we do not have his talent, we can be inspired by his example - to bring to life the creative child in us again.

I'm glad to be getting in touch with the creative child who is still alive within me!

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