Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Best Mask for Demoralization is Daring

The best mask for demoralizing is daring - Lucan

As an addict, I know what it feels like to be demoralized. My addiction caused me to lose sight of my moral values, my beliefs, and my spirituality. I fell into mechanical patterns of fantasy and acting out behaviors that were separate and isolated from my deepest sense of morality and values. I must share the way out with others that like me, find ourselves in this spot.

The way out is by finding the courage to reassert our connection with others and our relationship with the Universe - in a word, through the rediscovery of our spirituality.

Addiction thrives on shame and isolation, and it withers in the light of openness and honest exchange. As we work on ourselves through personal growth and development, we talk with others, assess our progress and dare to be free. In turn, we find the courage to overcome our demoralization.

I want to dare today to be open and honest with myself and others.

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