Friday, July 25, 2008

Straightforward Sincerity - Honesty

Honesty: The open quality of truthfulness, straightforward sincerity.

An honest person can be trusted to be straightforward and sincere. Telling the truth and being sincere help to develop honesty.

I received this "Honesty" figurine from a very special person, at a time when I was facing a decimated life, a result of my seemingly endless, perhaps even sociopathic ease with being a dishonest person. Through these lessons, I have become the man of integrity I am today. I am an honest person. It has been said that those that chose to remove me from their life due to my dishonesty in the past, now wish I could have been as honest then, as I am now. There is a feeling of disappointment and loss. Life would be so different today, had I chosen a path of honesty.

I can't imagine how I could have done it before; being so incredibly dishonest in so many areas of my life. It all seems so heavy to think back upon that time in my life. My mother always said that I was a very bad liar. She proved right on that point. It was my inability to maintain and organize my lies; what I told to which person, and so on. I made many mistakes, and my "cover" was blown.

This process of becoming an honest person in my journey of personal growth has been one that I shall always look upon with much joy. It hasn't been easy, but the life I have as a result, is easier. I am not perfect. I am an imperfect human trying to learn my way through this existence and lifetime. I make mistakes; lie about something here or there, as anyone does. In my awareness, I make every attempt to correct any misinformation and soon after spend time taking a look at the reason behind the lie. Often, the lie comes from my fear of a certain reaction. Or, the lie may stem from my own feelings of inadequacy.

- Be honest. Admit mistakes. Avoid cheating others -

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