Friday, May 30, 2008

I Can Be Myself in Public and Private - Especially with Those I Love

I love acting. It is so much more real than life. - Oscar Wilde

Many of us have gotten used to playing a part. I know that for me, I sometimes hesitate to reveal my innermost self because I may have felt ashamed of who I really am. We can go through life with our true selves hidden by the masks of our false selves. Some form of dis-ease has compelled us to be false, and we may have even taken pleasure in playacting. It may have made us feel good at times to know we’re deceiving everyone around us, including our friends and loved ones. There were times when I am certain I fell in love with my own cleverness.

Eventually, if you’re like me, we become tired of being someone else. Our lovers, partners, our children and our friends became confused and hurt by our games and our inconsistency. They long to know us as we really are. As we gain the courage to get to know and love ourselves, we can drop our masks and let ourselves be seen and know and loved by others. Our lives, and theirs, will be richer.

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