Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Help from Our Friends

"And when I see you happy, well, it sets my heart free. I'd like to be as good a friend to you as you are to me." -- Joni Mitchell

Friends are one of the greatest gifts and they come as a result of a life that's sane and manageable. It takes time and energy to make and keep good friends, but the rewards are worth it. To these most special people we can gladly give our honesty, our fidelity, our trust, and our unconditional acceptance.

As friendship grows, we find ourselves more able to understand our friend's needs. Is there a child to be watched or perhaps a kitchen that could really use a cleaning? Can we listen emphatically, without judging, to whatever a friend is going through? When a friend is sick, are we ready to help out? Can we put aside our needs because a friend's need is greater at the moment than our own?

Through our efforts toward personal growth, we build the skills it takes to be a good friend, we can let go and let our friendships develop naturally. Then, we will be able to trust the bond of love between our friends and us.

This blog is dedicated to three very special friends who have given me much support: David, Keith and Teri. Thank you, my special friends!

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