Saturday, May 23, 2009

Real Connection

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“Life delights in life.”  -- William Blake

How do we connect with other people?  Do we rely on conflict, suffering, manipulation, gossip or one-up-man ship?  Do we create relationships that can be controlled safely and then call that “reality?” 

Real connection requires two people, both wanting to be in the relationship, to approach each other as equals.  A good relationship brings us happiness, growth and a satisfying feeling of closeness.  We are able to be ourselves, without adjusting our beliefs or behavior to please the other person or to maintain the relationship.  The moment we abandon our equality, we have a power struggle, not a relationship. 

Previously,the only connections we made was between us and a hunger and an appetite that was never filled.  Once we began our process of personal growth we began to enjoy the real connections with people; the true joy that comes with giving and receiving. 

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